Freedom Meats was founded by entrepreneur and food industry veteran Jeff Pugh in 2014. We're a small, independent company and proud of it. Our company ethos is the foundation of everything we do – from a supportive work environment that values our team's unique backgrounds and individual strengths, to the clients we proudly serve everyday. Without the corporate red tape typically found at large-scale, systems-based organizations, we’re able to maintain an unwavering focus on our customers and the delivery of superior quality products.


“We’re in the people business. It’s all about treating people right. There’s no politics or drama here. Just a great deal of respect for who we are to one another.”

- Jeff Pugh, Founder


Jeff Pugh has been disrupting the local meat industry since 2014. Since the early days of meatpacking and old school butcher shops, the business of buying and selling protein in Las Vegas was dominated by two or three major players. They operated by their own rules and ran the show unopposed for decades. But as a man from humble beginnings, settling for the status quo has just never been his thing. He built the early part of his career at a leading global food distribution conglomerate, where he became all too familiar with navigating corporate bureaucracy and following age-old company protocol. In his 15 years of experience, he found that instead of expediting the sales process and improving customer satisfaction, these system-driven initiatives actually did the very opposite: They barricaded him from serving his customers in the best, most efficient ways possible. But Jeff had a different take on things – as he tends to. In the face of adversity, he saw an opportunity.

To him, Las Vegas was and continues to be the world's entertainment and cultural epicenter. It's home to the most renowned steakhouses and a premier global travel destination. He knew that the city was on the forefront of a major shake up, but the revolution needed a leader. So in 2014, he stepped up and launched Freedom Meats.

By putting the customer first, it’s no surprise that Freedom Meats has cemented its standing as the go-to meat purveyor for Las Vegas’ top chefs and most respected fine dining establishments. They come to Jeff and his team for the highest quality cuts and unparalleled customer service. “I’m so proud of all we’ve accomplished in such a short time,” he said. “But believe it or not, we’re just getting started."